Custom Forged Components

Do you have a project that requires custom forged components? Are you performing a restoration that require parts that are no longer available, or do you just need the skills of a master metalsmith or designer?  We can help.  With over 75 years of combined experience, our metalsmiths can recreate almost anything you may need.  Together with our design team we also have the ability to create that one of a kind custom piece you are looking for. For more examples and applications utilizing textured metals, please visit our sister site


Industrial Forging

We posses forging hammers and a forging press which allows us to produce custom pieces in carbon steel, alloy steel and a variety of other materials.  We can duplicate existing parts or work from your plans.  Links, shackles, tie rods, knuckle joints, wedges and virtually any other shape up to three inch thick material are all possible. An example of this kind of work can be found on the Brooklyn Bridge.  When the time came for a security upgrade, we were honored to be the company they called to forge the upgraded hand rope stanchions needed for this challenging project. 


Artistic Forgings

We can go from idea to design and from design to fabrication.  Whether for a business or a high end estate, our design team can assist you in creating that perfect look you desire.  



From hand forged nails to hinges and door handles, no matter how big or small, we have the skills needed to recreate that hand forged part that is no longer made. We can also help you design new or unique hardware for your project. Whether you need one or one thousand, we can do it.


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The word repoussé is French and means "pushed up".  It can be used to create beautifully intricate sculptures that give life and character to the metal.  The largest example of Repoussé in the world is the Statue of Liberty, and the artform itself can be traced back to 3rd millennium BC.  Our Master Smiths are very proficient in Repoussé and can bring a true custom look and feel to your project.

Custom Scroll Work

Are you restoring a 19th century gate for a mansion, or a fence with intricate scroll work? Often times a blacksmith is called upon to match existing scrollwork.  We can produce scrolls in any forgeable metal to any dimensions needed with any decorative termination you can think of.  Make us your first call, we have the knowledge and experience to help.

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