Important Information about our Hammered Metals

Thank you for taking the time to consider Custom Hammered Metals for your project.  We create one of a kind hand textured metals for our customers.  In today’s market there are many consumers looking for perfectly made symmetrical patterned textures that have a hand hammered “look”.  That is not what we do.  Each and every hand crafted piece we create for our clients is subtly different from the next, even if they are the same metal alloy and texture.  Most metals have natural imperfections and because everything we create is hand hammered there will be differences in variety, spacing, and depth of the hammer marks.  There is a level of irregularity in each piece that adds to the beauty of a custom hand crafted product.  We believe there is no substitute for this.  Here are some things to think about when you are considering Custom Hammered Metals for your next project.

  • The hammered metals we create are intended to be used for the fabrication of projects. If you are looking for a finished product please call us or go here so we can steer you in the right direction.

  • The same textures can differ from one alloy to another.

  • Generally, thicker metals will have bolder textures than the thinner ones.

  • The larger the size of the metal being textured will have a larger variation in texture.

  • Samples may vary slightly from the larger finished product as every thing is hand hammered not rolled or stamped.

  • We use many traditional blacksmithing methods to create our textured metals so if you are looking for something that is completely uniform, like it was made by a machine, this may not be the product for you.

  • After texturing, annealing, and flattening, there will still be some slight undulations in the flatness of each piece.

  • Some textures are only available in certain sheet/plate sizes.

  • When we apply the texture to the metal, it will grow. Sometimes more than a 1/2”in each direction. If you need the material to be cut back to its original size after it is textured there will be an extra charge. 

  • Our Scotch-Brite finish will vary in the visual impact it has on certain metal types. Certain metals are heated before texturing. This will result in varied darker depressions with a lighter raised texture. Please visit our Processes page for more details.  

  • Minimum order for textured sheets is $750.00

  • Minimum order for textured bar stock is $300.00

About Us


Custom Hammered Metals is a division of Spirit Ironworks Inc.  We are family owned and operated and our team has over 75 years of combined experience in the craft of hand forged metal work.  Our line of hand textured metals gives our clients the ability to offer their customers a truly bespoke product.   Imparting a texture to the metal opens up a wider range of applications combining the strength and resilience of the material with the beauty and creativity of artwork.  Textured metals can be used as decorative panels, range hoods, railing panels, table tops, or architectural accents.  Just about any project can be elevated by using the right metal with the right texture and finish.  These metals impart a hand crafted sensibility and interesting detail to both interior and exterior metalwork.  We also have the ability to make our own custom tooling which allows for endless design possibilities.  Hammering the metal causes it to compress and become thinner.  The areas where the hammer directly contacts the material will stretch, however the the areas that are missed will not.  Due to the nature of this process, the metal will never be completely flat. These irregularities add to the overall character of the piece.  Our company is able to work outside of the common “cut and paste” fabrication methods that have become the industry norm. Check out our Blog here to see some of our recent projects and applications